Retail Design - I Need Advice For Our Telecom Retail Shop Design - Innovation Workshop
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Retail Design – I Need Advice For Our Telecom Retail Shop Design

Retail Design – I Need Advice For Our Telecom Retail Shop Design

Retail Interior Design - SingtelThis is a case study of a retail interior design of a telecom shop, Singtel. Our client was skeptical about the need to engage a professional interior designer consultant. Find out why did he went ahead with the renovation.

This is a client who was instructed by his company to come up with an interior design concept for Telecom Retail Shop, Singtel.

He has some doubts what commercial interior design firm can help in their company’s progress.

Our explanation is that having the retail shop designed and renovation helps to increase value of their company’s branding.

And further to that, just imagine the differences between drinking a cup of coffee in StarBucks and a hawker centre.

So, what is the differences between the two?

The client has then take up our suggestion. We had told him that having their retail shop designed, the customer flows are very likely to increase.

From our past experiences, during process of the renovation, the shop tends to attract curious crowd; what is the shop selling, what so special about the design etc… Hence, the crowd often interested on the date of opening.

Indeed, when the telecom retail shop was opened, we visited our clients and he was very happy about the impact brought by the new retail interior design, which also causes an increase of 20% – 30% to the sales. Thus bringing the company progress to a new level.

Within half a year, another new outlet was opened. And we were once again awarded with the project.

So, wouldn’t you agree you will love to have similar success just like this client of ours and brings your company business to the next level?

Having questions for your retail interior designs? Contact us for a non-obligation consultation today!

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