Interior Design Consultancy Singapore | 15 Years Experience
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Design Consultancy

Learn about our way of work
The 3 Step Interior Design & Build Process
Interview. Deliver. Follow-up.

We get unbiased quotations from THREE or more renovation contractors.


All contractors bid based on the same items, materials used, measurements, and suppliers, so you know the exact price difference for each contractor’s bid.


Innovation Workshop acts as a bridge between you – our client – and the contractor as we can communicate using technical jargon with contractors and having worked with your throughout the interior design consultancy stages, we understand your needs.


By choosing the RIGHT renovation contractor based on our experience, we SAVE you a huge amount of time and money – with contractors finishing in half the time and at reasonable costs.


Find out how our Design & Build process, as detailed below, keeps our clients and us happy.

Interview, Deliver, Followup - Design Consultancy - Innovation Workshop
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We took the trouble to create a checklist to make it very easy to read and understand our hiring process for a renovation contractor. Included is a column where your involvement is indicated, as well as parts where we will be doing the work on your behalf.


We feel it is important that you know exactly how we work, before contacting us to manage and build your project.


Choosing the right renovation contractor for your project is 80% of the work, with the remaining 20% taken care of in the next 2 stages.

Interview Process Checklist

Step by Step Interview ProcessYour ParticipationBehind The Scene
Preparation of Contractor Bid Form – based on the plan and 3D drawings, we will itemize everything required and prepare the contractor bid form, so that all contractors have a list of the same items and the same form to submit a bid.
Tender Notice – We can either put out a tender notice in the newspaper to invite all contractors out in the market, or we can invite our own trusted contractors. Either way is possible.
Actual Site Briefing – All contractors on tender will go to the actual site, to understand all the specifications before submitting their bid.
Bidding Evaluation – All contractors will be given a dateline to submit their bid. Based on the bids we acquire, we will evaluate all the bids, the background of the company and prepare an evaluation report based on the following:
  1. Company approved by BCA
  2. “Apple to Apple” Comparison Pricing
  3. Arrangement of companies based on lowest to highest bid price.
  4. Our personal comments
    1. Is it reasonable?
    2. Is there hidden cost?
    3. Areas where pricing is not clear.
    4. History of company
    5. Personal experience with company, if any.

Finally, we will submit this report to you and discuss choosing the top 3 contractors for the next process.
Participation for selection process only once report
is done.
Invitation Process – An invitation letter will be sent to the top 3 contractors selected. It will be prepared based on the following:
  1. Prepare proper invitation letter
  2. Email contractors a list of questions to answer before the interview
  3. Terms and Condition of entire project
Interview Day – We will select a day where everyone is available, and conduct an interview of both contractors on the same day.
Consultant Evaluation – After the interview, I will give you my honest feedback and comments based on the following:
  1. Impression of contractor during meeting with Clients and contractor.
  2. Performance of contractor during interview.
  3. History of this contractor.
  4. Pricing of the contractor, is it reasonable?
Decision Making – You will need to choose one of the contractors interviewed and let us know the result of your decision.
Signing of Contract – We will prepare the terms and conditions of the project, including payment terms, all the details, challenging areas we can foresee, and we will arrange a date for signing of the contract between you and the contractor.
Final Site Walkthrough – We will do a final site walkthrough with the contractor, to let them to do their final measurements, marking, and in preparation to start their work.



The most exciting part of the interior design and build process is seeing all your ideas and dreams become reality.


As a neutral project management consultant, we ensure you can relax and save time and money during this delivery stage.


What we do behind the scenes on your behalf:

  1. Assist the client to make payments to the contractor based on phases of completion.
  2. Conduct site inspections and meetings once a week – making sure that the contractor follows the material specifications for the design execution.
  3. Report weekly to the client about the progress, site meetings to keep you updated.
  4. Help the client conduct a series of work inspections & monitor the whole contractor’s work process.
  5. Prepare the preliminary punch listing.
  6. Prepare the final punch listing & make sure everything is properly executed before the final hand over.

Passing the key back to our client does not mark the end of our working relationship however, as there is still one more stage. This is the warranty period – normally between six to twelve months –  that we write into contracts with the chosen renovation contractor.




This final step ensures the renovation contractor has done good quality workmanship. In our experience, with this warranty period, the contractors take their work seriously too, as we withhold a small percentage of the final payment for the project to make sure they honour their warranty guarantee.

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