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Interior Design

Learn about our way of work
The 3 Step Interior Design Consulting Process
Listen. Present. Deliver.

We have worked with global clients from various industries, each with their own interior design ideas, reasonable requests and even unreasonable demands. With experience, we have honed our process to a proven Three Step Interior Design Consulting Process.

We have simplified it so you can envision the entire layout and plan easily.

The key to the success of our Interior Design Consulting process is our team. The team drives the system and provides you with personal care like no other.

Read on to discover our process.

Interview, Deliver, Followup - Design Consultancy - Innovation Workshop
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During this step, we learn everything there is about your company:

– How you started?

– What challenges you face?

– What awards and milestones you have achieved?

– What is your team and culture like?

– What is your vision for the future?


We use our expertise in interior design to suggest design ideas and concepts that express your company’s culture, branding, and values within the space that you have.


If you have multiple retail shops, offices or even franchises, we can extend this vision over many locations.


At this stage, the sky’s the limit.

Interior Design Consultancy Stage One - Listen - Innovation Workshop



At stage two, you see the entire design come to life. My team of interior designers and I will give you a full design presentation based our meeting at stage one.


Be prepared to be WOWED by our visual and tactile presentation, where you will see 3D drawings, feel actual material samples, and maybe even step out of your office to show you exactly where each space will be. We will adjust our designs based on your feedback and finalize them.


We personally love this stage as our clients’ enjoy the comprehensive presentation and experience what we took away from stage one and visualize what we came up with for them.

Interior Design Process - Design Consultancy - Innovation Workshop
You can expect the following:


Actual Interior Design Presentation


Three Dimensional Computer Generated Drawing


Actual Dimension Floor Plans


Color Selection with Samples


Material Sample Board



During stage three, you will fully appreciate why we are highly recommended by existing clients.

We create an Interior Design File containing:

– Finalized Detailed Floor Plans
– Three Dimensional Computer Generated Drawing
– Ceiling Plan
– Electrical Wiring Plan
– Water Plumbing Plan, if needed
– Air conditioning Plan
– Lighting Plan
– Furniture Plan
– Color Plan, from the ceiling to the floor
– Working Drawing (for contractor use)
– Material Design Board


Besides the major items listed above, plenty of minor detailed items will also be included depending on your interior design space.


Every item in the file come with the following details:

– Item Name
– Item Serial Number
– Item Color Code
– The Company where item will be purchased
– Address of company
– The person-in-charge at the company


You can easily hand this entire file to your contractor, who will be able to start work immediately accordingly to the specifications and details in the file.


At the same time, you know about each item in detail, so you can be sure your contractor is using the items agreed on.


The amount of time we invest in creating your interior design detail file will save you hours upon hours of your precious time which you can continue to invest in your business..

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