Retail Design - A Complete Makeover For His Retail Shop - Innovation Workshop
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Retail Design – A Complete Makeover For His Retail Shop

Retail Design – A Complete Makeover For His Retail Shop

This is a case study, whereby the retail shop owner sees the potential of the trade. He then approached us for his retail design consultancy.

Customers were few in the past;
We have just completed a retail shop design and renovation. In the past, the owner only bought a few metal display shelves for his shop. He had only some basic renovation. In the beginning, customers were not many.

Owner decided to have a total makeover for his retail shop;
The owner approached us for his retail design. He saw huge potentials for the health products in the near future. He has been doing market surveys, and he wanted to expand his business globally. We told him that there would be some design fees involved, he agreed.

In addition, he wanted a retail design theme that is full of natural ambiance.

To improve the retail design further, we purposed to the owner to have his exterior landscape designed with the tropical theme. He was in favor with our proposal.

After a week, we have presented him with the design concepts. As the owner brought up some points about the retail design, our designers had further improved on it. He accepted the revised drawings happily.

We begin the design and renovation for the retail shop;
Next, we are going transform this shop into reality. We always felt very excited at this moment. After few weeks, the shop renovation has completed and we had handed over the shop to the owner.

The before and after differences were great;
A week has passed; I specifically pay a visit at the shop. I seat at the exterior mini garden enjoying the new retail design. The ambiance was great.

I was so happy to see the owner busing with his customers. At this moment, some passerby has stopped and curiously looking into the shop. Some of them had even entered the shop.

Finally, the owner saw me. He was very excited about his new retail design and he told us that customers kept flowing in. In addition, he is planning his second outlet and he wanted us to be his design consultant again.

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