Retail Design- Hair Salon Owner Disappointed With Her Renovation - Innovation Workshop
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Retail Design- Hair Salon Owner Disappointed With Her Renovation

Retail Design- Hair Salon Owner Disappointed With Her Renovation

This is a case study of a retail design of a hair salon owner, who was extremely disappointed with her previous renovation contractor.

Hair Salon Owner Shared Her Bad Experiences With Her Renovation Contractor;

Recently, we received a feedback from a customer who operates a hair salon. She had her retail hair salon renovated a year ago. During then, even though her previous contractor had presented her with several design ideas, she was not satisfied with the design. But because she was rushed to open for her business, she accepted the design reluctantly.

The renovation contractor then began to work on her retail hair salon based on the selected design concept. When she initially open for business, she was very busy with her customers, employees. And she did not really take the chance to experience the design of the hair salon.

A year has passed now and customers are getting more and more. She began to feel the flaws and problems in the design.

Space Planning Issues;

Space was not properly utilized. The sitting capacity was originally design for 9 seats, but in reality only 7 are usable, the other 2 seats are not usable. The lightings were also too dark. Although more lightings have been added in the later period, the feel of the hair salon was still sort of out.

She then asked some of her customers about the salon design. Customers told her that they do not feel much difference before and after the renovation. She was very disappointed. After spending a sum of money for the renovation and design, that is the kind of feedbacks from her customers.

She Approached Us For Advice;

She then approached us to help her for the hair salon . To begin, we asked her a few questions pertaining to the job done by her previous renovation contractor.

1. Did they help to create the flow for her hair salon design?
2. Has their design ideas fulfilled her needs?
3. Are they specialized in hair salon retail designs?

She told us that the renovation contractor took quite a while to present her with a design concept. Most of the time, the designer was not with them except for the contractor himself. In addition, the contractor has no experience in retail design for hair salon.

Basically, these are some of the interior design elements for the hair salon.

1. The interior designer must plan for the space effectively.
2. The distance between each salon chairs.
3. The convenience location of the hair stylist tools storage.
4. The practical position of the electrical points.
5. Creating a soothing ambiance by using lightings.
6. Lightings – the balance where some areas needs to be brighter while some do not required.

By applying some of the above design elements, she will be able to give her customers a better ambiance and feelings. She agree fully with our advices and, that is exactly what she is looking forward, she said.

There Is A Huge Difference Between Renovation Contractor And Professional Interior Designer;

From her case, it is not difficult to see that what she need, is to engage a professional interior designer instead of a renovation contractor. The designer will be able to plan for the concept of the design.

We further advice her that she may present her hair salon layout to the her professional interior designer. Telling them what type of ambiance she prefer. This way, the designer will be able to fulfill her requirements. She had then chosen us for the design.

We also told her that there will be a design fees incurred, she agreed. She has so much confidence in us and, she strongly believes that spending this money can solve many of her problems. Based on her previous experience with the renovation contractor, design fees are not required. Nevertheless, the objectives were not met and, she now has to forked out another sum for the design again. That is even wasting more money, she said.

We were glad that she understand the differences. More importantly, we are specialized in retail design and now that she chosen us, we are happy to serve her with our design expertise.

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