We Need Your Feedback For The R Burger Restaurant Design - Innovation Workshop
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We Need Your Feedback For The R Burger Restaurant Design

We Need Your Feedback For The R Burger Restaurant Design

This is a case study of a Japanese Burger restaurant interior design. The owner wanted a Japanese Contemporary theme. We hope to get your valuable feedback on the new design concepts.

When the restaurant owner first approached us for his restaurant renovation, we had visited the premise. It was very messy and old. So, how can we transform this restaurant to become an interesting yet well-themed restaurant?

As this a Japanese burger restaurant, a Japanese Contemporary Restaurant design theme shall be adopted. The owner also had his own views for the restaurant renovation and the time was running short. So, the important points are the selection of materials and the colors.

We had provided the restaurant owner with our professional advice. In addition, the owner had also stated that the new design must present a Japanese Contemporary ambience.

Finally, the owner had selected the choice of materials and colors. Take a look the new restaurant face-lift!


Do you feel great differences between the before and after? Has the design theme fulfil the Japanese Contemporary ambience? We welcome your valuable feedback.

The owner is about to open his second outlet and he had awarded us with the whole project which includes the design and renovation. Once again, we would like to thank you for your valuable feedbacks.

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