Japanese Restaurant Renovation: Interior Design Case Study
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3 Interior Design Proposals For 1 Japanese Restaurant Renovation

3 Interior Design Proposals For 1 Japanese Restaurant Renovation

This is a case study of the interior design for a Japanese restaurant renovation. Once again, owner has engaged Innovation Workshop for his second outlet.

Few months ago, we took only twenty-one days to complete the design and renovation for a Japanese restaurant at Market Street. They were very satisfied with our fast service and good workmanship.

They are now planning for a restaurant renovation second outlet and invited our design team once again. There were two different brands operating within the same restaurant. This poses some challenges but we are most obliged to take on.

Although they were initially unsure of the type of restaurant design theme, they had provided various interior design concepts that they liked. They shared some of these ideas and suggestions with us for the restaurant renovation.

How can we make use of these concepts as guidelines to help us achieve our objectives? The design sense and creativity of our interior designers were put to test.

Our designers first presented them with different design concepts. In the beginning, the owner wanted a fresh, simple, and sunny theme for the university student’s restaurant ambience.

After presenting this design concept to them, the owner suggested whether can we inject some maturity for the interior design. The second brand derives from Japan and should also be displaying Japanese culture ambience.

Our designers then came up with another design concept. After seeing the new design concepts, the owner was happy with the feel but wishes to have a simpler design that is elegant and it invokes the Japanese culture ambiance.

We had presented the third design concept, and the owner had finally happily accepted. After twenty-one days, you will be able to see how the new restaurant renovation looks at #01-05, Hitachi Tower.

Lastly, do not forget to visit R Burger restaurant when you are at Hitachi Tower and enjoy the ambience of the restaurant. We welcome your valuable feedback!

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