Understand Additions and Alteration A&A Works in Singapore
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Additions and Alteration Works for Your Dream Home

Additions and Alteration Works for Your Dream Home

A&A WorksWhat are Additions and Alterations works?

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Additions and Alterations (A&A) works are considered minor works done on a structure that do not increase the home’s total floor area by more than 50%, or bring down the external walls or major structural elements such as beams and columns. A&A works do not increase the storey height of the building they are being done on.

Why are A&A works popular?

Many homeowners buy their houses already built according to somebody else’s specifications. However, they decide after some time that they would like to add a few personalized touches. A&A works are projects that home owners can convert them from their current states into dream homes. These are simple procedures that add to the aesthetic value and comfort of the homes. By putting in a new kitchen or knocking down a few walls to make the lounge area larger to accommodate their grandparents and children under the same roof.

Investing in old or run-down houses and renovating them into beautiful homes that can rival newly built structures is popular among homeowners. The cost-savings are huge when renovating old homes in good locations rather than breaking ground on new homes. With A&A works, traditional architecture from decades ago are given modern makeovers.

What can be done during A&A?

The most common A&A works are done on the kitchen. Old homes may not have space for dishwashers or the space for old stove is too small to accommodate a new one. Dry and wet kitchens have gained popularity in recent years. They allow for home owners to have separate areas for cooking certain meals and manage the fumes. Some families just want to have a breakfast nook in the kitchen, and start their day in a less formal setting than you would have at the dining table. While most A&A works are done to make the home more comfortable, bathrooms of old houses are altered primarily because of their tendency to having leaky pipes.

Renovating an old house can be a rewarding experience if done right. The feeling that you get from turning something that was neglected into a beautiful home can only be matched by building your own from ground up. If you are doing A&A works on a home that you already live in, you will get to enjoy the pleasure of breathing new life into your house and improving your quality of life.


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