Car Workshop Interior Design: Bringing Out Professional Feel
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Retail Design – From Dirty To A Professional Sport Rims Showroom

Retail Design – From Dirty To A Professional Sport Rims Showroom

This is a case study of an interior design for a sport rims car workshop and showroom. It used to be old and untidy. Find out how we transform the car workshop interior design:

We had just completed a sport rims showroom and car workshop interior design. We received the workshop owner’s compliment when we visited him recently. He was extremely happy. His business has been booming ever since the renovation of the car workshop, which was definitely a surprise for him.

In the eyes of the majority, tyres and car service workshop often gave the impression of a dirty premise. However, with the creativity from our interior designers, a totally new company image has been born.

This particular car workshop is located at Serangoon North Avenue 4. Our concept is to present a car workshop interior design that is spacious, modern and a professional brand image.

We had used bolder colors like red and black to invoke the modern feeling. Huge advertisement posters were used to project a stronger brand presence. We had also used the stainless steel displays for the sport rims, as it was very neat and tidy. Customers could view all the sport rim choices available at one glance.

The coffee table for the showroom was made from four pieces of simple rims and a piece of glass top. It is the bi-product of our designers’ creativity and the client’s products, which brings out the design theme of the sport rims showroom as well.

Will you step into this modern yet creative sport rims showroom and car workshop?

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