Challenges Face During The Landscape Design Process - Innovation Workshop
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Challenges Face During The Landscape Design Process

Challenges Face During The Landscape Design Process

We have done many landscape designs over the years. From spa, office roof garden to the residential exterior landscape design. We have been hoping to take on a more challenging project.

One of our long-term clients – Indian Embassy Singapore had given us this great opportunity. We used to handle smaller commercial projects for them. For example, design and constructing of the visa application hall, renovating of staffs hostel, and part of their office design.

As many parts of the building interior are renovated, the exterior is just not matching up with the interior design. This is an old and antique building. Although many trees and plants surround it, there are many wild grasses. This is affecting the image and appearance of the building.

Therefore, changing this look is a challenging task for us. In addition, for the majority part of the exterior landscape, it consists of many slopes. Preventing the soil from washing away by the rain is utmost important and selecting the suitable plants for the exterior landscape are equally crucial.

One of Indian Embassy office staff had told us that, they had tried planting many types of plants but never have any success. So what types of plants are suitable? In addition, is it able to beautify the surrounding?

After one week of planning and design, our designers had come up with a preliminary concept. Although our client likes the initial design proposal, they wish to have a simpler landscape design, and do not wish to spend too much.

Another new challenge faced. Our designers had come up with another new design proposal after another week. This time, our client had accepted our design fast as the objectives of a landscape design that is simple and elegant had met.

Finally, we have created another beautiful landscape that allows everyone of us to live in a greener environment.

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