Create Corporate Brand Identity Design Thru Interior Design
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Creating Corporate Brand Identity With Commercial Interior Design

Creating Corporate Brand Identity With Commercial Interior Design

Corporate brand identity design is becoming so important. Do you know that you can improve your brand identity through commercial interior design?

Recently, I had met many of the SME companies who has been around in the market ranging from over ten years to just three years. Some of them had a very good business blueprint right from the start.

They had planned several years ahead for their business developments. While they do understand the importance of building a solid corporate brand identity, they felt so clueless about it.

Usually, they will source for the cheapest renovation contractor for every new retail outlet they opened. In the end, all the retail outlets have different interior designs and theme.

The corporate brand identity and image are not there despite them having five or six retail outlets. In addition, they were unable to leave an impression of their business in the customer’s mind.

They might have huge product ranges, good retail shop locations and customer service support. Nevertheless they missed out the most important element, which is the corporate brand identity.

There is a saying: “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression”. A positive first impression is a huge jumpstart for a relationship with your customers. Similarly, corporate brand identity can be achieved through commercial interior design.

What are your thoughts on Singtel? Do they have any corporate branding? What color reminds you of their telecom retail outlets?

Similarly, what are your thoughts for Starhub? Which color reminds you of their oulets?

And what about LV? Do they have corporate branding? What colors or retail interior design theme reminds you of them?


So, if you understand the importance how corporate brand identity can accelerate your business success, have a discussion with us today!

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