Commercial Interior Design to Meet Country Club Expectations
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Commercial Interior Design – 3 Weeks To Country Club Renovation

Commercial Interior Design – 3 Weeks To Country Club Renovation

This is a case study of a commercial interior design project. We will walk you through the before and after process of Warren Golf and Country Club renovation.

Warren Golf and Country Club management had invited us to be one of their commercial interior design consultants. This project involves the employee’s office, reception hall and function room. The management wanted a bright, spacious and prestige ambience. We were also requested to handle the project management and site coordination.

Reception area was originally too small

Reception area was originally very small and there was only a counter with small glass window. Normally, customers could only stand around the passage way. We had to transform this reception area to a bright and spacious space, whilst also giving a welcoming feel.

Employee’s office space was not properly allocated

The employee’s office was too big and it was very messy and untidy. Currently, the office is occupied by only one manager and three other employees. How can we make reasonable use of the office space whilst presenting a professional and neat environment?

Connecting the reception hall and bowling reception area

Are we able to connect the reception hall to the bowling reception area? This way, the reception will be more spacious, thus raising the employee’s productivity as well as better use of human resources.

Choice of material

Can the chosen materials and color bring out the prestige ambience whilst matching the existing clubhouse interior design?

Expectation of Warren Golf and Country Club management

The management requirements are important to us. This sets up the fundamentals for this commercial interior design project. We jotted down all the relevant notes, and also promised to deliver a makeover for their clubhouse.

We were ready to present the design drawings after a week. The management was alright with most areas except for some minor portions where they felt it was not too ideal. After going through more detailed discussion with the management, we presented a second design concept.

The management was very pleased with the second design concept. Renovation was about to commence but we only have a month’s time to complete. In addition, the clubhouse must be ready for business by Christmas.

Choosing the right renovation contractor for the commercial interior design

Therefore, choosing the right renovation contractor becomes utmost important. We had prepared all the relevant tender documents for the renovation and had gone through the selection of renovation contractors.

Finally, the management had chosen the renovation contractor. We have requested the contractor to complete the renovation within three weeks and leave the fourth week for the final correction and completion work. Although the contractor was a little worried about the tight timeline, they still promised us to complete the renovation on time.

The completion of the renovation for the clubhouse

Three weeks had passed and the miracle appeared. In a short span of three weeks, we completed the renovation for the employee’s office, reception hall and function room. Even the change of tables and colors at the bowling reception area were completed too!

Of course, the completion of the Warren Golf and Country Club’s design and renovation has once again raised our level of competency. We would like to thank the management for giving us this opportunity to transform the clubhouse’s interior design.

Thank you and we look forward to the next commercial interior design project!

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