Singapore Country Club Design: Providing Hospitality Solutions
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Country Club Design – Providing Office and Hospitality Solutions

Country Club Design – Providing Office and Hospitality Solutions

Innovation Workshop has vast experiences in commercial interior design. As an interior designer, I would like to share some of my thoughts for this Singapore country club design project:

Very often, creating a solution for a space usually boils down on the user needs. However, it should be remembered that certain spaces caters to certain kinds of users. Office and hospitality spaces caters to certain and specific users, which in turn is the main reason to achieve such solution for these certain areas. These solutions are the things that we cater to the client in this project.

Warren Golf & Country Club is a well-known private golf club in Singapore. We were tapped by them to provide an Interior Design and Project Management Consultancy for their proposed country club design project. The project was to renovate their Sports Registration Office and Multi Purpose Hall.

As an expert in commercial interior design and space planning, Innovation Workshop provided the client a systematic process and solution to the proposed renovation.  First, we joined them in a friendly meeting for their country club design. We discussed what is the current problem they are facing and asked them their requirements based on the operations and, of course, the users.

We made the client understand the existing situation based on two areas we observed: the area will be catering to two specific users – the employees and the club members. We made continuous meetings with the client and we requested them to have the user’s input on what they need and require from the country club design.

We have established the country club design problem. For the Sports Registration Office, the current one does not provide any hospitality and welcoming feeling as a reception area. The office area is in a mess – not enough storage for the bits and files. For the Multi Purpose Hall, they want the space to be upgraded to make it possible for seminars, table tennis games, and even dance classes.

As we gather all the information from the client and the users, it is time now to do brainstorming and solution making. Through the observations, study and vast experiences of our interior designers, we  came up with a country club design solution that caters to the needs of both users.

We strategically provided efficient spaces for the office users and provided proper zoning for the club members. We provided a reception area that provides a welcoming feeling to all the club members, by fitting it with cove lights and wood slats in vertical patterns that runs across the wall through the ceiling. We used tiles as the flooring to give members a feeling of prestige and elegance. This also helps the client lower the maintenance work needed for the flooring. For the office spaces, we provided for enough storage spaces and cabinets to store those documents and files that used be a big problem.

For the Multi Purpose Hall, the client did not want any major changes in the area. What we did is to put some accent on the walls’ painting to make the room livelier and provided some lively colored curtains. The most important thing we did is to play with the lights. We fitted in halogen lights that are dimmable and adjustable depending on the use of the space.

We also handled the project management aspect of this country club design project.

We helped the client prepare documents for the contractor bids and evaluate the bids. We analyzed which contractor is fit to do the job and more importantly, able to finish the country club design project project on time. Even the owners were amazed that we finish the project in just three weeks, considering that we have little time as they were planning to open before Christmas.

As an expert in commercial interior design, Innovation Workshop always seek to improve on our designs and create more beautiful premise for our clients.

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