What Makes A Good Interior Designer? The Service Mindset
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The Service Mindset of a Good Interior Designer

The Service Mindset of a Good Interior Designer

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION is like a pair of shoes that you can never be separated. It won’t be functional if you lose any of the pair as they are meant to be together until they fade away.

Design plays a vital cog in our society for it stands for people, our culture, identity and it defines our personality. But a DESIGN can be USELESS if it is not properly EXECUTED and realized.

In almost eleven years in the business of interior design, challenges are certainly inevitable. It is just how you take, handle and it is certainly how you approach them. But definitely, having a passion for what you’re doing really makes a difference.

We design for people, for all types of people. A good interior designer find worth and value in this industry because of the users. In every design that we’re doing, it is them who we give importance with for we will be a FAILURE if we ignore them, and definitely, people will ignore designs that ignore people.

Being a good interior designer is really tough. You have to think of how to create a fully functional place with a suitable mixture of moods for all types of people without sacrificing its aesthetics and theories.

Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society-Queenstown Multi-Service Centre is one of our challenging projects for this year 2011. Knowing the fact that the institution deals with the charity organizations, our design should coincide with their everyday traffic flow and operational systems.

We are definitely challenged on how to make the place filled with a vibrant and energetic mood where you can stay with suitable for the elderly, families, children and professionals yet doesn’t require for higher costs.

Colors should make balance to each person inside. So we included three variations: from light to medium, medium to dark. We created a playful, energetic mood for the children and a warm feeling for the older people. We believe that putting such colors can add motivation to the people who are staying there.

“Not just the colors, but the usage of space. We created a space that is totally functional suitable for all ages.”

Aside from creating brilliant ideas, our service to clients doesn’t stop there. We helped them successfully choose the right contractor for design execution.

Finding a good interior designer and contractor is indeed important. It’s like finding the right weapons against a certain battle. The contractor is the one who build and make your design come into realization.

If you cannot manage and sort things out properly, what will happen to your design? It will just be killed and left to one side amidst the efforts and passion you’ve poured.

It is the duty of a good interior designer and project manager, to guard and make things easier and beneficial to everyone. We should never neglect any factor involved in making the design and building them into reality. We should always think of the reason why we, designers and builders, are here in this industry.

“We are here not just to be served, but TO SERVE —

Serve the community with all the best to create a better place to live with.”

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