Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas: Create Your Private Spa
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Great Private Spa Tips For Your Bathroom

Great Private Spa Tips For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms used to be primarily a functional space, with very little thought to their appearance or style. But today, the bathroom is considered an important part of the home – a place to relax and also an asset in the sale of a home. If you hope to make your bathroom a relaxing “spa-like” room, you need to focus on contemporary bathroom design.

What makes a contemporary bathroom design?

There are a lot of features you can incorporate into contemporary bathroom designs. If you are interested in creating a high-end bathroom, you may want to consider features such as:

  • walk-in showers with multi shower heads
  • radiant heating for tile floors
  • whirlpool spa bathtubs
  • glass shower doors
  • luxurious custom cabinetry
  • elegant tile

The first step in planning a contemporary bathroom design is to evaluate the structure of your home. Some of these elements are very heavy, especially if you plan to use granite or marble tiles. You need to know whether your floor can handle the weight of a spa-tub (when full) or a multi-head walk in shower with a lot of tile.

What if space is limited?

Another factor to consider is space. How big is the bathroom? Smaller bathrooms require scaled down fixtures. For instance, contemporary bathroom design might incorporate an above counter basin. This option for a basin is great for smaller bathrooms because the basin is the focal point – you can use a smaller cabinet as the base.

Do you have a small bathroom with a bath/shower combination? One option to consider is replacing the bathtub with a large shower pan. Your former bathtub becomes a walk-in shower. Add some beautiful tile with bathroom accessories, such as a tiled soap tray, or heated towel racks. You may have what’s technically considered a “smaller” bathroom, but it’s far more luxurious, functional and inviting.

How to add elegance with details?

Think about your image of a spa. What comes to your mind? Do you think of sleek, simple spaces with natural elements like tile or bamboo? Incorporate those ideas into your contemporary bathroom design. Don’t forget to add bathroom accessories to enhance the image. For instance, you can have

  • luxurious stacks of fluffy towels
  • hand-crafted soaps
  • baskets filled with magazines
  • a glass bottle with scented oil
  • bamboo sticks to dissipate the scent
  • baskets to hide spare rolls of toilet paper

Contemporary bathroom design incorporates luxury, functionality and an eye for details with well-chosen bathroom accessories. With a little planning and design, you can create a beautiful bathroom that will feel like your own private spa.


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