Hotel Interior Design: How to Create a Home Away from Home?
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Hotel Interior Design Ideas – Creating a Home Away from Home

Hotel Interior Design Ideas – Creating a Home Away from Home

Traveling around the world has become more of an entertaining adventure than a hectic activity, thanks to the many budget and luxury airline options available today. Surprisingly, though, the emphasis isn’t on the airlines or flight experience, taking in mind that some flights are usually too short to enjoy the most out of them like reading a book or even catching a nap. An exclusive hotel-stay-away-from-home with luxury hotel interior design ideas is the main factor that a majority of travelers are considering these days.

Open concept hotel interior design

Higher Customer Expectations for Hotel Interior Design

Hotels have increasingly been pushed to refurbish and transform their properties to attract guests. The demand for hotel rooms with high-end bathtubs and breathtaking views of the city is very high. Those that offer “unmatched once in a lifetime experience” like extraordinary underwater world views are also highly being sought after. Hotel interior designs incorporating Victorian-era decorations are also a great pull factor in the hotel-booking decision process of most travelers today.

Today, travelers share fair reviews of the hotels that they stayed in be it boutique or business hotels. In fact, plenty of “Travel Websites” have also flooded the internet aiming to serve as online platforms for hotel reviews. As a result, hotels have now been pushed to rapidly improve their customer service level, hotel interior design and overall ambiance to draw more guests both international and local.

Latest Trends in Hotel Interior Design

Among the latest trends in hotel interior design include the introduction of soft, warm lighting and lush interior greenery to relax the tired eyes after a long day of fun. The use of various textures and fabrics is being explored by hotels owners to provide an exclusive experience for their guests. Bright colors in designer art pieces and hotels are used frequently incorporated in hotel lobbies to captivate the senses, while minimally-tasteful items (e.g. rain-forest showers) and dark colors are used in the hotel rooms for the enjoyment of the guests and to promote quiet relaxation.

Hotel owners look towards luxury and comfortable hotel interior design for the comfort of their guests. Fully equipped gyms to cater for the business travelers who require to exercise in and remain in the course of their frequent business trips. Relaxing pools, elegant executive lounges, super king-sized beds raise the class of business hotels, and most importantly more appreciation from their guests. A complimentary Wi-Fi access and complimentary mobile phone are among some of the latest offerings from business hotels, while well stocked minibars and lush 750-threadcount bed sheets ensure they are well taken care of during their stay.

For boutique hotels to stay different and unique from the competition, they offer personalized experiences for all their guests. Every boutique hotel is unique and distinct from the other in terms of their hotel interior design. A boutique hotel can opt to have a strong theme for its rooms and lobby area, or have a completely different theme for each room or level. Some of the trending themes today include space, wildlife, cute cartoon characters, and nostalgia.

Some hotels are even providing vitamin C infused water in showers and essential-oil diffusers in guest rooms in their quest to provide complete luxury and comfort. Travelers who are very impressed with the hotel interiors design, provisions and services sometimes look to incorporate their unique experiences in their homes.


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