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Innovation Workshop-We Appreciate Our Value Customers

Innovation Workshop-We Appreciate Our Value Customers

We always felt that Innovation Workshop are very lucky. Usually, customers we met are so good and nice. So far, we had never placed any magazine or newspaper advertisement. Our customers are from words of mouth.

Normally, after completing the commercial project for the customers, they became our long-term customers and they always recommend their relatives and friends. Many of them had also become our friends.

One of our customers, who engaged our design and management services for his first spa salon since 8 years ago. Today, we are still his appointed spa designer whenever he open a new outlet. Many of his customers who went to the spa salon liked the spa design even got us to renovate their residential. Some even engaged us for their office design.

There was one customer who called us. Out of curiosity, we asked what makes them chosen Innovation Workshop. They said that many of his customers who walked into their office felt very comfortable and the office design gave them the impression that the company is reliable and professional.

The office owner laughed and said it is because of our design that he is able to raise the company value. Customers flow is consistent and that was why he was able to move to a bigger office!

We were very happy to receive such compliments. Our company’s mission is to use our design ideas to help more customers to create more wealth and happiness. Yes, we make it again!

Even though we had earned much of our customer’s trust, we were never been complacent and ego. In fact, we often ask ourselves why our customers are willing to award us their commercial projects.

If I am unsure, I might even ask our customer. They always tell us that our designs are very attractive, unique, and able to attract their customer’s attention. Furniture were very well designed, it was also very durable. After using it for 5 years, it is still so tough. Another important point was that we completed the commercial project fast and handover to them on time.

There was another customer complimented us and handed over a 3000 square feet spa salon to us. We took just 15 days to complete and that is really a miracle! They were able to open the shop on time and that saves them a lot of money. They said,” You are really trustworthy!” We felt so flattened. We are so fortunate to meet such a good customer.

It is because the continuous support from our valued customers supporting Innovation Workshop’s interior design ideas, we are very strict when we recruit new designers. During the interviews, the designers will have to pass my three criteria. Firstly, how much passion they have in commercial interior design. If I cannot feel it, they will not be selected. Secondly, their design ideas must be able to touch the heart our team and liked by us. Thirdly, they must have good working attitude and able to accept others opinions.

Only when they pass though the three criteria, they can be an Innovation Workshop’s interior designer. Maybe some people might felt that I am too strict, and we might take time to recruit one designer. Nevertheless, I think it is worth it. Very often, I felt that being able to recruit good designers are not for our company, it should be for our value customers.

We will have daily meetings with our core design team in the morning. Every designer is handling different commercial projects. Each of them will have to present their work to the rest of the design team. This is simply great!

Being able to see each of their designs, I must say that every of them are unique and they attracts the whole team. At times when the designers are running out of ideas, they will go through a brainstorming session with the rest and they will eventually able to come up with the design ideas. I am very proud to have this design team and I appreciate every one of them.

It is because of their creativity, our company is able to use their designs to help more people to create wealth and happiness! Once again, I would like to thanks all my supportive customers!

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