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Interior Designers – She Is Very Skeptical About Interior Designers

Interior Designers – She Is Very Skeptical About Interior Designers

This is a case whereby my friend approached me for her residential interior design. She was very skeptical about interior designers. Find out why do she changed her mind in the end. Below are the dialogs between she and myself.

Friend said: Recently, I have purchased a four-room flat. I am in a dilemma as how to choose a good renovation contractor for my house.

Innovation Workshop said: Which renovation contractor did you engaged previously for your house? Why don’t you engaged the same contractor to help you to renovate this new house?

Friend said: Please don’t mention about the previous contractor. Thinking of them really makes me boil.

Innovation Workshop said: What happen? What has they done, that you are so angry with them?

Friend said: For my previous house, I had spent three months in between to source for a renovation contractor. I had approached 5 companies to quote for the renovation. And I have written down my requirements, thus asking them to prepare me for the quotation.

Innovation Workshop said: How did you manage to source for this five companies?

Friend said: They were recommended by my relatives and friends. I had also got some of them from the newspaper and magazines.

Innovation Workshop said: This should be great! Those recommended by your relatives and friends should be a strong testimonial. And those from the newspaper and magazine should be market leaders. Don’t you think its great? Then, why are you so angry?

Friend said: Good? You bet. Of course, I also felt things were looking good, but when I receive the quotation from five of them, my headache started.

Innovation Workshop said: Why?

Friend said: All five contractors gave me different design concepts, suggestions and quotation. I am in dilemma. In addition, which are the good and bad materials I do not know. I just hope to have someone advising me.

Innovation Workshop said: Why don’t you get a interior design company for your design? They will able to advice you on the choice of materials according to the design proposal.

Friend said: Interior design company gives me the impression that it must be expensive. Moreover, I only stay in a HDB flat, how can I afford for their services.

Innovation Workshop said: You misunderstood it. Engaging a interior design company is not very expensive. Moreover, they can help you to save lots of your time and money.

Friend said: What do you mean? Can you explain to me?

Innovation Workshop said: You have spent three months sourcing for renovation contractor, have you managed to get your chosen contractor?

Friend said: None! Initially, to chose one from the five, I thought I was very smart. After comparing their quotation, I had chosen the cheapest company. But never did I expect to incurred so much extra renovation cost. In fact, it was more expensive than the one of the five companies that quoted me the highest. Moreover, their attitude was very poor, so how can I be satisfy?

Innovation Workshop said: That is why you need an interior designer and not a renovation contractor. Let me explain to you. Firstly, the designer will gather your needs. For example: how many occupants are there? What are their lifestyles, color preferences and which types of furniture do they like?

The interior designers will discuss  about the design concepts and exchange some pointers with you. You are required to tell them about your renovation budget for your house. In addition, they will let you know the fees for the design. If you are fine with it, you will be presented with design drawings after a week.

Friend said: Of course, these services are good. And I will be able to see the design drawings in a week, that is really fast. But I am not imaginative. I can’t visualize the hand-drawn designs from your designers, and whether do I like it.

Innovation Workshop said: Nowadays, the designs are drawn using computer. It is photo realistic. You do not have to imagine. You will be able to feel the design directly from the drawings. And are materials and colors used to your likings?

Friend said: Then, is it expensive?

Innovation Workshop said: You think?

Friend said: At least four to five thousand dollars?

Innovation Workshop said: Good news! Not so expensive, its only two thousand dollars. Our company provides these design services to many of our customers.

Friend said: Really expensive! I can afford the design fees. But didn’t you told me that engaging interior design company helps me to save time and money? Obviously, this add on to my cost.

Innovation Workshop said: Let me finish my talking. The designers will present you the drawings after a week. You may raise your views. They will communicate with you and prepare for the amended design. They will present you with the design, and those materials and colors used in the drawings that you are satisfy after another week. Can you recall how much budget you are looking at when you met the designers previously?

Friend said: Are you saying that the designers will act according to my renovation budget for my house; coming up with a design drawing and materials selection?

Innovation Workshop said: Of course. This way, can the interior designers be of help to you?

Friend said: Of course it helps! The dilemma I am in previously was because I do not know how to compare. Moreover, every renovation contractor had presented me different drawing and even the materials were different. Now that I have someone to calculate the cost, it should be better. And I will be able to compare which company’s offers are the fairest.

Innovation Workshop said: The designers may continue to help you in comparing the quotation part. They can help you to source for a few renovation companies for the quotation based on the designer’s design drawing and the selection of materials. The designers will remind you of those items that you missed out in the course of the renovation. This way, does it help you?

Friend said: Wah! Is there such services? How come I do not know? Of course, he will be able to save lots of my time and unnecessary dispute and headache. Then, will there be another set of fees?

Innovation Workshop said: Don’t worry. This sum of service fees cost only one thousand and five hundred dollars. More importantly, during the course of renovation, you will not incur further hidden cost. Moreover, spending three months sourcing, you might not get a good renovation contractor after all. Using three weeks, we will definitely able to help you to source for a reliable contractor.

Friend said: How can you be so sure that you are able to get me a reliable renovation contractor within three weeks?

Innovation Workshop said: Because we are in this profession for 9 years. And had used countless of renovation contractor. Those that are not good enough have been dropped very fast. The balance of the contractors were able to guarantee the quality yet charging reasonable prices. For the initial two weeks, we will get contractors to quote and the third week, it will be your turn to choose. That is why I said three weeks. Can these be of help to you?

Friend said: Of course. Then, please help me to design.

Innovation Workshop said: I will be charging for the design fees.

Friend said: Worth it! Designing helps to save my time as well as money!

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