Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas: Creating Seamless Feel
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Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Gone are those days when kitchens were just kitchens, segregated from the rest of the house and different in terms of decor and accessories. Times have changed now. Homeowners are looking to integrate modern elements of decor into the kitchen for creating a seamless look throughout the home. After all, the kitchen is really the heart of the home – the place where the entire family gathers together to share some lighthearted moments of joy and pleasure. Memories created in a kitchen are sprinkled with love and laughter. Hence, it’s only understandable that homeowners are going the extra mile with a modern kitchen interior design.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Trends in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

One of the modern kitchen interior design ideas trending the decade is an open-kitchen concept. Studio apartments often incorporate open-concept kitchens. An open-kitchen basically comes devoid of a wall or partition that segregates the kitchen from the rest of the house. As such, this sort of kitchen connects seamlessly to the dining area or living area – giving the illusion of space and a unified look to the home.

Another popular modern kitchen interior design idea is the use of the classic black and white color palette. The appeal of a striking black-and-white kitchen never fails to impress. Black and white colors form a striking contrast that lends a sleek yet contemporary look to complement the kitchen cabinets and light fixtures. When used in conjunction with minimal decor, the right paint and floor tiling, they help to create a chic appearance.

Kitchen storage has always been a matter of concern, especially for homeowners and apartment dwellers with a space constraint. To remedy this, modern manufacturers are offering double-up storage in new, customized kitchens with sleek and stylish multi-tiered drawers. This is a great way to maximize storage for utensils, cookware, jars and appliances in an organized, accessible and clutter-free manner.

Style, Utility & Functionality in Modern Kitchens

All modern kitchen interior design ideas should offer the best of three worlds: style, utility and functionality. Testifying this statement further is the concept of automation, which has been integrated with many kitchens today. From meat thermometers that notifies you (through your smartphone) when the food is ready, to sensor-activated lighting that illuminates the kitchen during use, kitchen technology aims to make life easier. Many homeowners today incorporate touch latches into in-built drawers. This not only enhances the ease of movement, but also raises the overall safety quotient of the kitchen. Another great concept is the hands-free faucet, which is ideal for kitchens that are hustling with activity at all times. The cooks sometimes have their hands too sticky to turn on the faucet themselves.

Additions to Spice Up Your Modern Kitchen Design

The use of bold statement pieces like a classy wine rack, oversized light fixtures or a coffee machine enhances the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen. They can create an effective sense of depth perception in a homes with a low ceiling. Additionally, mood lighting and motion sensors lend an aura of serenity to the kitchen. They help the homeowner to relax while churning up delicacies after delicacies to attend sudden guests. Something as simple as an attractive vase of fresh flowers together with a bowl of fruits add a pop of color to the kitchen and also provide a snack or two in the midst of cooking. Similarly, a platter of dry fruits or crackers presented beautifully on the dinner table allows family and friends to bond over food and lend a dash of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Modern homeowners don’t view the kitchen as an area to cook meals only. They consider it as a room where they can socialize with their friends and family and indulge in the pleasure of cooking culinary delights! The goal of the modern kitchen interior design is to create the kitchen that blends seamlessly with the overall home decor, and looks appealing enough for prolonged periods of activity or inactivity.


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