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Office Design – The Important Aspects In Designing An Office

Office Design – The Important Aspects In Designing An Office

The office design of a workplace is very important. This aspect of a work environment can make or break a company in how efficient the job gets completed. An office interior design needs to take into account a few key elements such as size of the space, company goals and employee input. These are all very important aspects in designing a perfect office space.

Office spaces and employees are all different. Drab offices are becoming a thing of the past. Employers are realizing that to be efficient companies need to keep their workers happy. Some offices are too tight, dark and sad. These are the offices that need a redesign and the office manager or owner is the place to start with determining what needs to change.

To begin, an office manager needs to use their observation skills. There are a few questions to ask one self. Are there any problem areas within the office? Are the areas too cramped with office equipment?

A good idea is to have the manager draw a picture of the traffic patterns within the office. Observe how employees move throughout the day. Also observe the conference rooms and workstations and see where the work is getting completed. Is there any empty space not being used?

Asking employees for their input can bring other issues in to the equation as well. Employees may make unrealistic demands. Try to work with the employees concerns but remember no one office design can please every employee. Remember if the new office design is going to make big changes such as move employees out of individual offices and into cubicles, remind the employees of what the added benefits will be for their move such as new and bigger lunchroom, more room around equipment, etc…

Determine office goals for a redesign. Make a list of four to five goals and then brainstorm on a way to meet them. One popular idea with work areas is to move the supervisor to the middle of the main room and put the workers around the edge. This places the workers who spend the majority of their day by the windows and natural lighting. This move alone increases morale and therefore increases the amount of work that gets done.

Once the problem areas have been identified, a big question becomes apparent. What will it take to redesign the space into a functional and efficient work area? Is it a big overhaul or just moving furniture? What will the cost of a complete overhaul and construction be including how people would work in the space with construction going on? These are questions that need to be raised. If it becomes apparent that it is too expensive, then the next question becomes is it more feasible to seek another space?

An office design can be difficult and challenging. It takes planning, patience and initiative. A team approach and good communication with everyone from every level in the organization is important. It is worth the time investment as a happy employee will complete more work in an efficient manner. In the end your profit margin will increase and that will boost everyone’s morale.

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