Office Interior Design Singapore: Design Trends & Ideas
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Office Interior Design and Trends in Singapore

Office Interior Design and Trends in Singapore

Workplace design trends have been gradually evolving in Singapore. Presently, the majority of companies have set up elegant office spaces that are characterized by bright lighting fixtures, well-designed carpentry and statement pieces (such as sculptures and canvas oil paintings). The aim of having such stylish office interior design is to create an environment where employees feel motivated to work productively and as one team.

Office Interior Design Singapore

The Open Space Design

It has been proven that color influences an individual’s productivity level in the office. Colors tend to invoke a variety of emotions; hence, affect the mood and output of your employees. If you decide to repaint, opt for sleek colors such as white, brown, grey, and black. By painting the ceilings with colors like white or beige helps to create the illusion of a large room.

Moreover, many business owners are deflecting from the conventional cubicle design to open workspaces. By not setting up walls and other physical barriers, managers make it possible for workers to interact with each other more frequently. The constant interaction creates a sense of camaraderie among employees and also facilitates smooth flow of information and teamwork.

Customization for Workspaces

Many business owners in Singapore have also embraced the concept of personalizing workspaces. For instance, you can set up a well-stocked pantry section with fruits, snacks, and drinks. Doing so motivates your employees to work overtime. Alternatively, you could set aside a lounge area and equip it with enough chairs and a coffee machine. This way, your clients, and other visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee as they wait to be served. The lounge can also serve as a room for team meetings and staff training.

Green Office Interior Design

Another common trend with office interior design Singapore involves the integration of nature elements. Productivity is imperative for any business, and green office layouts encourage workers to be much more productive. For instance, designing private booths that are equipped with water fountains or skylights can provide employees with an area to brainstorm new ideas or rest after a tedious day. Besides adding nature elements, business owners can also transform to green offices through their practices. You can use energy-efficient equipment, reusable cups, and bottles and ensure that you turn off the lights at the end of the day.

Experts in office interior design also advocate using green materials such as recycled paper and envelopes. Typically, these materials are processed and colored using eco-friendly techniques. Besides, when buying stationery, soaps, and other essentials, purchase in bulk to reduce wastage during packaging and shipping.

Diversification of Services

In addition to going green, the majority of business owners are diversifying the services they offer. This diversification is evident from the provision of high-speed internet services, inviting reception rooms and well-stocked stationery cabinets. Moreover, many office spaces include meeting rooms and lounge areas, which serve to attract potential clients.

With a well-designed office space, you can motivate your employees to work harder. Opt for open office layouts as they encourage workers to interact and work effectively on joint projects. A well-structured office interior design not only promotes creativity and teamwork among employees but also attracts clients. It suffices to say that your office invokes impressions and opinions from different visitors.


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