Office Renovation Ideas & Advice: More Done with Less Stress
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Ideas for Office Renovation

Ideas for Office Renovation

Office renovations can be stressful and disruptive to work. Some renovations are quick and painless, but some are not. If your office is being redecorated, or you are considering doing it yourself, there are a few things you should expect.

A good contractor should know the purpose and function of the office. Many of the available options out there need to be customized to your specific needs. Make sure you give your contractor or decorator specific information on what you want. You might not get what you had expected if you missed this out.

Painting Your Way Through Office Renovation Ideas

Painting is one of the most fantastic office renovation ideas. Most office spaces are barren and white, so adding a splash of color can completely change the aura of the room. Painting is laborious but simple, which makes it the perfect starting point. Plus, there are several stylistic techniques if you want to do more than just a solid color. Rooms may be painted with vertical or horizontal stripes to add some dimension.

When you are satisfied with the color of your walls, the next step is hang art. Even a freshly painted wall could look empty, especially if the wall is long or narrow. Paintings come in every size and style, so it is easy to customize an office through art. Other ways to add to your walls are to install decorative sconces and shelving. Shelves can hold books, statuettes, or any thing else you can think of.

Changing Furniture for Better Office Renovation Ideas

During a renovation you may want to change out furniture. If you are converting a space to serve a different function than what it was originally designed for, you probably need to completely refurnish the office. Office furnitures adds variety to your office renovation ideas. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and price range. Do look around before you commit to one style over another.

If you are on a budget, check out furniture consignment stores because they usually carry high quality items for a much lower rate.

If you employ a receptionist, you might be wondering how to make their desk blend in to the room more. This is a common problem because many reception desks are added after the room was originally designed, making the desk look as if it were thrown there hastily.

Walling Up or Down Those Office Renovation Ideas

Erecting a low wall in front of the reception desk gives the space the illusion of purpose. If you do not feel that brave, call in a contractor. Small additions like this are not overly expensive.

Adding or tearing down walls can drastically change a room, and it can be messy during construction. If you are changing a room, you might need to discuss the electrical needs of the room. What are the number of electrical outlets needed? What is the type of lighting you are going to have? Are you installing a ceiling fan or aircon? If you do not share this information prior to the start of construction, you probably will end up with inappropriate wiring for your needs. Some machinery requires larger breakers, so be sure to bring it up.

Laying the Floor for Office Renovation Ideas

If the flooring of your office is being changed you will have to remove everything from the office, and you might not be allowed in for several days. Sealing or staining a hard floor can be very smelly and requires a minimum of several hours to dry. Laying carpet or tile can be quicker, but carpet glue can stink for some time.

Laying your new flooring on a weekend will reduce the disruption of work if your office is functional during the renovation. Most flooring companies work on the weekends, though they might charge a slightly higher rate.


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