Simple Office Space Design Ideas to Liven Up Your Office
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Office Space Design Ideas

Office Space Design Ideas

While most people view office spaces as drab and dreary, there are actually ways to rectify such image and make a respectable looking and comfortable office interior.  Of course, the usual rules of design applies to office space design. However, it is important to understand that there are several adjustments needed to be made to produce a great looking office space. An office space design that looks professional without being boring.

Laying the Ground for Office Space Design

While it is perfectly acceptable to have tile floors for office buildings, it would be more palatable to have wooden planks for the interiors.  The trend these days is engineered wood floors, which look every bit like the solid version except being stronger and more resilient to wear and tear.  In addition, it is also a wise choice to opt for darker floors as they are easier to maintain.

Light Up Your Office Space Design

Proper lighting is very important in an office space not only for illumination, but also to enhance the aesthetics of the entire office space.  Some of the light fixtures you should consider for the office interior are hanging pendant lights, miniature table lamps, and wall sconces.  There are several other choices depending on your taste in lighting as well as the size of the office interior.

Seats to Complement Your Office Space Design

Chairs are very important especially if you often entertain important people, such as bosses and clients.  Aside from the hydraulic office chair behind the desk, it would be a good idea to add a small couch and two extra seats where your guests can seat comfortably.  Tub leather chairs are one of the more popular office chairs as they are stylish and space-saving.

Accessories to Finish Up

Aside from the essentials mentioned, there are other furnishing pieces worth having. Things such as art works, paintings, miniature sculptures, and many more can enhance the look of the office even further.


Add colors and life to your office space!

Consult the professionals today.

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