Akar International - Innovation Workshop
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Akar International

  • Before - The original office before redesign.

  • Before - An additional view of the space and lighting.

  • The plan design of the new office for Akar International.

  • The welcoming reception area of the newly designed office.

  • Clear tempered glass is used for the room walls to create a feel of openness.

  • The director's room at the newly designed office.

  • An alternate view of the director's room.

  • The elegant director's room of the office.

Akar International

Referred from a previous client, they intend to transfer from a home office to a proper office at International Plaza. With our experience with office planning, we guided our client on assessing their needs. Space planning is crucial with a limited space we had to fit in 3 rooms, a reception counter and 6 work desks. By using clear tempered glass for the room walls we created an illusion of openness but at the same time creating a privacy using frosted sticker designs. The final result is a well planned and well design office space, a combination of design and functionality.



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