Five Izakaya Bar Interior Design - Unique Ambience & Setting
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Five Bar Cafe

  • Five Izakaya Bar Interior Design Entrance

    Five Bar Cafe Entrance

  • Five Bar Cafe Exterior Design

    Five Bar Cafe Exterior

  • Five Bar Cafe Interior Design

    Five Bar Cafe Interior

Five Bar Cafe

Creating a unique ambience in a unique setting for the Five Izakaya Bar interior design. The bar & cafe is located below a twin escalator. The challenge is to maximize the area and make use of the unique setting.


Lighting and colors are essential in creating the ideal bar interior design and feel. Dark colors are used to mask the escalators, whilst spot lighting then is used to create the focus at the individual dining areas. The exterior, however, is the opposite and offers a sneak peek of the bar interior design.


Staying true to its Japanese theme, we had incorporated square panels that are inspired from Japanese wall panels. The panels are fitted with clear glass that is composed to create a focal point and take advantage of the twin escalator flanking the dining area to frame the interior space.


Bar Cafe and Restaurant, Interior Design

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