Rustic Residential HDB - Innovation Workshop
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Rustic Residential HDB

  • The wooden platform creates a cosy area at the living hall.

  • The rustic look in the dining area.

  • The bare concrete finishes on the walls create a homey and artsy feel.

  • A view of the walk-in wardrobe in the home.

  • The entrance space is optimised with a built-in shoe rack.

  • The rustic look is extended in the washroom with classic green tiles.

  • An alternate view of the artsy and rustic washroom.

Rustic Residential HDB

Designing a HDB unit with the rustic feel of finishes. Using bare concrete finishes on walls and wood strip design on ceilings both create homey and artsy feel. Green walls brighten up and freshen up the interiors. The wooden platform create a especial cozy area at the living hall. And overall creating a beautiful space in which a family can call home.



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