Society for the Physically Disabled - Innovation Workshop
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Society for the Physically Disabled

  • Before - The old entrance area which is used for walking therapy as well.

  • After - A round reception counter, creating additional paths for walking therapy.

Society for the Physically Disabled

Having a big entrance lobby can be grand but it is a big waste of space if its just an empty space. Our proposal was to create a centre piece within that area, a reception counter. Initially the open area also serves as a therapy space in which patients undergo their walking therapy. We intend not to disrupt it but instead compliment it. By creating a round reception counter, it created additional paths for the patients walking therapy. Grab bars installed in parts of the counter help patients to walk around the area.

The counter’s visual design intends to create a welcoming feel once the patients enter and taking in consideration for handicapped ergonomics. The counter has become an instrument in reaching out to patients which reflects the main purpose of the institution.



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