Restaurant Design - 21 Days To Complete The Japanese Restaurant - Innovation Workshop
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Restaurant Design – 21 Days To Complete The Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Design – 21 Days To Complete The Japanese Restaurant

This is a restaurant design case study, which we took only twenty-one days to complete the renovation for the Japanese restaurant. Find out how we managed to achieve this short timeline.

This Japanese restaurant owner currently operates his outlet at Orchard Ion Shopping Mall. As their restaurant reputation was very good, they wanted to open another outlet at Market Street.

The dateline for the new outlet was very tight. Worst, for the majority part of the restaurant design, it consists of sales counter, kitchen cabinets, dining furniture. All these woodwork construction require time, so how can we make it on time?

Our Project coordinator was a bit worried and she had brought the drawings back to the office for a discussion with our designers. We have also invited the woodwork company staff to join us for the discussion on how we can complete the project in twenty-one days.

As the Japanese restaurant is an international franchise outlet, for the majority part of the restaurant design, they already had their own design theme. Nevertheless, our designers still have to come up for the detail working drawings.

Therefore, the work experience and efficiency level of our designers are tested. Although the timeline was very tight, both our project coordinator and the contractor had managed to arrange for the work schedule.

When our project coordinator received the confirmation from our designers and the contractor, she felt confidence. The project coordinator promised our customers confidently that we could complete the renovation in twenty-one days.

In order for the renovation to complete within the stipulated dateline, our designers had worked late for several nights to rush the working drawings for the contractor. The contractor had also worked extra hours for the restaurant. For many nights, our project coordinator was always the last person to leave the site.

Finally, the renovation completed on time. Our project coordinator had handed over the project to the customers. In addition, she called me anxiously telling me that the project had completed. I asked her “Is the customer satisfied?” she said, “hearing my happy voice, you would have known the answer.” I laughed too!

We are most happy when our customers are satisfied with our company’s interior design services!

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