Restaurant Renovation? Design Meets Functionality Principle
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Restaurant Renovation – Design Meets Functionality

Restaurant Renovation – Design Meets Functionality

When it comes to restaurant renovation, many things have to be considered before plans are made and dates are set. Restaurant owners, however, do not always see eye-to-eye with interior designers; never quite knowing whether the interior designers are simply money grabbing, or genuinely giving owners constructive criticism.

Design versus functionality is a significant problem for restaurant renovation teams. Some visions are simply too ambitious to turn into reality. The only way owners can turn those ambitious visions into reality is pouring in an abundance of wealth, which they do not have.

Just like how we cannot have everything in life, not every dream interior can be built. However, interior designers are there to offer solutions and suggest alternative methods. When the dream is too far-fetched, the functionality gets lost in the process.

Functionality is often compromised when visions are finally fabricated. And when customer needs are not met, sales figures drop dramatically. This leaves with you with not only a hole in your pocket, but also spoils your reputation.

Simple alterations to the original restaurant renovation design can prevent this worse case scenario from happening: changes in materials; colour schemes; most importantly, knowing what the customers really wants first.

Restaurants that dramatically change their appearance, could be deceiving to potential customers. Major changes to the layout, color scheme, and seating areas, might make it difficult for them to identify your business. Keeping to the basics to let people know that you are a restaurant business, is the best thing possible.

Customers will be less reluctant to come in and have a look if they already know who you are and what you are selling. The worst thing to do for your restaurant renovation is to change the interior so much so it becomes unrecognizable.

Location is vital to the proposal. You are disadvantaged if you are located between a poorly-reputed restaurant and vandalized newsstand, even if you designed a sophisticated and modish restaurant. Buildings are intended to represent their surroundings and in some cases enhance it.

Lastly, the intended audience is important. If the restaurant is aimed at both men and women, the interior moderation should be neutral to allow both genders to equally enjoy their stay at the restaurant.

Interior dreams for your restaurant renovation can be transformed into a reality. However, some basic functionality cannot be ignored. Try not to get carried away by the dream, stick to what you know and what works well. Leave it to the experts to guide you along the right path.

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