Retail Interior Design: Unique Concepts Around the World
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Unique Concepts for Retail Interior Design

Unique Concepts for Retail Interior Design

Retail Interior Design Boutique Concept

The increasing popularity of online shopping has prompted retail stores to go out of their way developing unique identities in a bid to get more customers visiting them. New retail design concepts are growing every day. Store operators are not only focused on displaying their merchandise, but also in creating a dynamic shopping experience for their visitors. Different stores have adopted their unique retail interior design themes. Apart from creating a sense of brand recognition, the designs play a critical role to enliven a shoppers time in the store.

One retail interior design theme that has been widely preferred is the Minimalist Effect – a unique model created by the Japanese fashion line. The design entails showcasing its items in a brightly-lit shop, preferably with a white wall. The result is a feeling of simplicity for every customer, as they go on with their shopping without glaring displays or interference from retail assistants.

For the high-end retail stores dealing in ostentatious merchandise, their preferred retail interior design is an old wood charm accompanied by soft lighting. The design aims at creating a feeling of warmth and elegance for their wealthy clientele. A renowned retail store dealing in luxury watches has done a great deal to demonstrate a luxurious shopping experience. The interior is well adorned with a touch of gold and rose gold colors. The floor was done with a cool marble finishing; not forgetting the Victorian chairs and the full-length glass doors that greet you on your way in. This particular retail store interior design is a sure bet to having shoppers overcome with a feeling of royalty the moment they set foot in the store.

Also worth mentioning is a unique store in Taiwan that merges the art of business and a love for history together by doing a makeover to an old eye hospital. Although very keen on preserving the hospital’s history, the retail interior design space boasts of an incredible and classy atmosphere that attract visitors and shoppers from all around the globe. Sticking to the initial design of the clinic, the retail store is built-in with medicine chests and wooden wall cabinets to bring out a library-like atmosphere. Still keen to stay in tune with the overall design concept of the store, souvenir items are packed in gift boxes that resemble a book.

Beautifully combining art and functionality is a premium sports brand store in Japan that easily stands out from the rest. This retail store interior design uses a signature red color to articulate the sports brand’s energy and youthfulness. To improve their customer’s shopping experience, the store creatively uses mirrors and good lighting to create a sense of largeness and exclusivity. To top it off, upper levels of the shop are customized to promote sports events. With this design, the store is no longer an ordinary retail store but a cultural meeting point.

With online shops being established with every new dawn and retail shops sprouting all over the globe, store owners are encumbered with the challenge to create a unique interior space. This will go a long way to giving their brand a memorable identity and an attractive look that will reel in shoppers from all over.


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