School Design - How Do We Plan For The Space And Design - Innovation Workshop
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School Design – How Do We Plan For The Space And Design

School Design – How Do We Plan For The Space And Design

We will be discussing on some of the school design obstacles for the learning centre. And how we plan for the spaces.

Space planning for a school always pose many challenges for the our designers. When we design a school, there are often many special regulation and requirement by the government authorities.

For example, there are minimum clearance requirement for the passageway. Not only our designers must be able to come up with the design concepts, they must also abide by all the strict requirements by the government authorities. In addition, our designers will have to fulfill the customer’s school design themes – “Professional Yet Creative”.

Our design team love to take the challenges pose for the school design. I remember the school design for the branch at Tampines, the designer will present the design concepts to everyone of us during our daily meetings. We will do the brainstorming together and finally, our designers had come up with the design inline with the theme “Professional Yet Creative”.

Our client accepted the school design concepts. This school is now open for business. Looking at the differences between before and after renovation, we were very happy. Once again, our expertise has been put to test, and our designers had successfully created a creative ambiance for our client.

That brings our client more customers and that is a huge success for me and my designers. We wish them success in providing their students the most creative learning environment.

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