School Design – Total Makeover For The Primary School Library - Innovation Workshop
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School Design – Total Makeover For The Primary School Library

School Design – Total Makeover For The Primary School Library

This is a case study of a school design of for a primary school library. The library was old and it needed a facelift. See how we transform this library.

A primary school teacher had contacted us. He had very deep impression about our design and services, as we had ever design and construct some book display shelves for the school. This time, we are invited once again to design and renovate for the old school library.

We accepted the job for the school design. We really appreciate them for remembering our design and services after so many years.

One afternoon, we meet up with the teacher for the school design. He was the in charge for the design and renovation for the school library. He told us about his thoughts for the library. We were brought to the old library.

After visiting the library, we must say it was very old and impractical. The environment was also much unorganized. The teacher asked for our opinion. We told him that the environment does not look like a library and it resemble more like an unorganized classroom.

The teacher laughed and said he knew that the library was very old. That is why he needs a new facelift. We asked him does he have any ideas. He saw some of the big libraries at Orchard Road, which projected a very comfortable and professional feeling. He likes that design concepts but at the same time, the color of the library must suit the students liking; colors that project a sunny feelings.

This is another challenge for us but we like to challenge ourselves.

We meet up with the teacher after a week. Finally, we completed the design concepts. And had presented him with our design concepts for the school design. In addition, he told us that he personally likes the design very much, but he has to present it to the principal before replying us.

His principal too felt that our design was quite creative. We are happy to design another creative library space for the school children, Great! Once again, we had challenged our design creativity for the school design.

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