Shophouse Interior Design Singapore: Creating Office Spaces
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Interior Design of Shophouse Offices in Singapore

Interior Design of Shophouse Offices in Singapore

Shophouses in SingaporeNolstalgic shophouses in Singapore

Shophouses, a historical source of nostalgia and delight, are a permanent and beautiful feature of Singapore’s architectural heritage. With many beautifully preserved shophouses today, these charming units are perfect examples of Singapore’s timeless architectural appeal. In the past, the lower floor of shophouses were used for business, whilst offices are on the second floor. Shophouses in modern Singapore are unchanged in these functions; serving as eateries and offices. With its attractive old-world glamour, the shophouse office offers a unique environment for work and sets the right impression for the workplace.

Modern shophouses transformed into offices

Most of the shophouse offices are located in the Central Business District area; in places such as Chinatown, Outram Park, and Tanjong Pagar. Close attention is paid to the shophouses housed in conservation buildings to maintain their traditional facade,from the five-foot-way to the mouldings, while embracing the historical importance of the building. The classic facade of the shophouse office makes for a delightful sight. The plethora of designs, color, and decorations give it a unique feel. The shophouse interior design and architecture will continue being a source of intrigue and fascination for many decades to come.

The majority of companies that rent a shophouse office are creative agencies, such as graphic design companies, advertising firms, and small travel companies. The beautiful office space and shophouse interior design offer flexibility for the creative agencies to switch environments as they move from one activity to the next. A shophouse office facilitates the right culture while exuding a sense of enjoyment, austere elegance, and overall satisfaction.

Creativity in shophouse interior design

Shophouse interior design comes in different colors and ideas, but one thing is for sure: a shophouse office is fuel for brilliant ideas. Creative agencies operating in a shophouse office spice up their interior decorations to be in line with their brand image of being passionate lovers of all things old and new. The simple, attractive and laid back atmosphere of a shophouse office allow for excellent shophouse interior design and personalised spaces where employees can work in peace, relish and comfort.

Like art, interior design speaks to us differently. A great shophouse interior design comes from stepping outside the comfort zone. The combination of older day charm with new designs creates a remarkable identity. It is a common sight for modern shophouse interior designs with contemporary lamps and frames coexisting perfectly with the traditional Peranakan-style architecture.

In their quest to attract and retain the Generation Y, companies are rethinking their office spaces. They want to create unique workspaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and socializing. The old world charm and visual appeal of the shophouse office can never be replicated elsewhere.


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