Spa Design-Owner At Loss With Her Current Spa Design - Innovation Workshop
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Spa Design-Owner At Loss With Her Current Spa Design

Spa Design-Owner At Loss With Her Current Spa Design


This is a case of a spa salon owner, who was at loss when her current business was not progressing. She then approached us for her spa design advices.

Recently, a spa salon operator approached us for design consultancy. Her spa Beauty House & Spa was a small premise. In the past, the owner just began her spa salon business; never thought of having the spa salon designed.

However, as time goes by, she began to felt that the current spa design was not bringing her business nowhere. She was loss.

Then, we advised her to work on the spa design. So, when we reached at Beauty House & Spa, because of the owner’s limited renovation budget, how can we under such dilemma situation; give the spa salon a new makeover?

The owner wish to have a romantic and relaxing feel design theme. After several days of brainstorming, our designers had presented a brand new concept for the spa.

Our designers had used the wallpaper to create relax and soothing ambiance, dark timber colour along with white colored furniture further create the resort feeling. Thus, reducing the feel of being very congested in a small premise like this.

Our designer further makes use of the white curtain to create the romantic ambiance. Matching up with yellow dimmed light and soothing music, that relaxing holiday resort and romantic feel that customers love. The owner was very satisfied and of course, we were very happy to give Beauty House & Spa a total makeover.

Another happy client!

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