Spa Interior Design Singapore: Creating the 3-in-1 Spa Salon
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Spa Interior Design – Peace, Quiet And Serene 3-In-1 Spa Ambience

Spa Interior Design – Peace, Quiet And Serene 3-In-1 Spa Ambience

This is a case study of a spa interior design for a 3-in-1 spa salon. The owner wanted a design theme that invokes a peace, quiet, and serene ambience.

We have a customer who approached us to design her 3-in-1 spa salon design. It provides one-stop service for hair, nail and full-body spa treatments. She wanted to let her customers feel the peace, quiet and serenity the moment they stepped into the spa.

Her previous spa interior design failed to invoke such ambience. She felt that her spa customers were not able to experience the peace, quiet, and serenity. This is especially as the previous designer did not take soundproofing into consideration.

Whenever the hair dryer or blower is used, the noise could be clearly heard from the full-body spa treatment area, which was just next to it. In addition, the nail spa area was not included in the previous spa interior design.

The owner had engaged us for her 3-in-1 spa salon interior design consultancy. According to her, she knew that Innovation Workshop is specialized and able to produce a good spa interior design that displays uniqueness and character. In addition, she had also requested us to provide her with a one-stop service that includes renovation.

We appreciate our customers for placing their trust on us and at the same time, we felt committed to provide her with our one-stop service.

The 3-in-1 spa was finally opened two months ago. The owner was extremely happy, and invited us to her spa’s opening ceremony. Many of her customers and friends were present. She brought her friends and customers for her new spa orientation.

She had received many good feedback and compliments from them. She happily told us, “all my friends had commented that the new spa interior design was very nice.”  We really appreciate her for giving us this chance to complete a beautiful environment that is well-received by customers.

Once again, we would like to thank all the people that gave us the room and opportunity for our interior design creativity. Because of the owner who values us, this 3-in-1 spa salon was reborn.

The owner’s dream was to let her customers experience a one-stop service with peace, quiet, and serenity. We wish her all the best!

Now that you have seen our designs, do you feel the peace, quiet, and serenity too? We welcome your valuable feedback. Thank You!

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