Spa Interior Design Ideas to Help You Achieve Success
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Spa Interior Design Ideas To Be Successful

Spa Interior Design Ideas To Be Successful

If you want to open up a spa, the spa’s interior design will be an important factor in your success. What are some of the spa interior design ideas to consider?

Ambience is, of course, an important thing to first consider. However, you will also want to be mindful of the flow of traffic within the spa as well.

One thing you have to consider is which spa facilities will be together for both men and women and which will be separate. Some spas have them all separated. Others have a jacuzzi that can be used by both, while steam and saunas are separated. While this is nice for couples, it will be a lot easier on your staff if you keep them separated.

You need to think about where your treatment rooms are going to be in relation to your spa facilities. You do not want your clients to have to travel too far. But it is best to have them exit the spa area for the treatment rooms as it is then easier to have them used for guests of either gender.

Having a lounge is always a nice addition to your spa interior design ideas. This is where your customers can relax together before their treatments. It is a good place to provide herbal teas and water. It is also a convenient place to have guests wait for their therapists at appointment time.

A simple and consistent flow in your spa interior design ideas can make the experience much more pleasant. Have a front desk where people can check in and get a key to their locker in the spa area. If it is their first time at your place, walk around with them and get them acquainted. As you do so, indicate the lounge area where they should wait if they are getting a treatment.

Either have slippers and a robe waiting in the locker or have spa attendants hand them to the guest. When they change, they will be leaving the outside world in the locker along with their clothes. Always encourage guests to come to the spa 30 minutes before their appointments to enjoy the amenities. Also remember to suggest they move to the lounge at least five minutes before their appointment.

Music can be simultaneously piped into all the different areas of the spa design. This may be preferable to individual CD players in each treatment room. Your therapists will then not have to deal with the problem of CDs or having to change music. You will also better be able to control the ambience you want to set as part of your spa interior design ideas.

Aromatherapy is a big question, and one that is best to be cautious about. Offering aromatherapy treatments is one of those additional ‘great to have’ spa interior design ideas. However, with so many people having allergies these days, it is wise to stay away from using incense in common areas as well as treatment rooms. Many spas offer water with fruit and/or cucumbers in it. Again, it is best to have this water where the guest can readily see what is in it and choose for themselves. Always provide the option of plain drinking water.

You will also need to follow specific local regulations when opening a facility. Following these spa interior design ideas will help you create your ideal spa that’s geared towards success.


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