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Ten Things Required By The Designer For Your office Design

Ten Things Required By The Designer For Your office Design

How can you create a unique and special office design for your business?

Today, setting up an office is no longer just about placing some tables and documents display shelves. To create an office design that is unique and bright might seems to be simple, in reality, it is not. So, how can you create an office that is unique? In addition, what are the things that an interior designer would require from you?

These are the ten points required by the interior designer:

1.  What type of business are you in?
2.  What is the number of employees working in the office?
3.  What type of office design theme do you prefer?
4.  What is your corporate color?
5.  Do your customers visit your office regularly?
6.  Do you require a reception area?
7.  Do you require a document storage room?
8.  Do you require a computer room?
9.  Do you require a conference room?
10. Do you require a pantry room?

These are the most basic things that the designer needs to know. Of course, there are a lot of others trivial details other than the ten points. For example, the use of lighting, color of the office desks…

With all these valuable informations, the designer will be able to come up with an office design concept that is unique and practical.

For every office we design, our designers always make sure they understand the whole process; how our customers and their employees feel about the office design when they stepped into their new office.

We are very happy whenever we receive their testimonials. ” Wah, I like this bright and spacious office. Every morning, when we step into the office, we felt so happy.” They compared the feelings before and after renovation were so different. In the past, office documents were so stacked up as if there were so many unfinished works. They felt very tired when they stepped into the office and the space was much clamped. Now? Not anymore!

“Your design is simply awesome! Now, we are able to place all our documents in that neat and organized documents storage shelves. Office space seems much spacious.” We thank them for their feedback. This is the beauty of design, we said!

Our customers always felt good as their employee’s productivity has increased and that is an unexpected effect. They will also hand us their future office design. They like the one-stop services that we provide.

We are very happy whenever we received such compliments from our valuable customers. Once again, we have successfully created another beautiful space!

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