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The Retail Design Of Your Business Can Play A Huge Role

The Retail Design Of Your Business Can Play A Huge Role

The retail design of your business can play a huge role in the overall success of your business. In fact, your retail design is one of the key factors in communicating to customers who you are and what you stand for as a business. In retail image is everything.

Retail design tries to stimulate people visually by incorporating shop fittings with advertising material and graphics. The retail design of your business should look clean, attractive and in good condition. In order to keep your business looking fresh, it is recommended that you do a shop refit at least every seven years. When your business is placed inside a mall, there will normally be a clause in your rental contract that obliges you to refit the shop every so many years.

A whole shop refit can be very costly, but there are things that you can do to improve your retail design without having to shell out huge sums of money. Placing visually appealing displays in your shop windows and in key areas around the store can have a positive impact on the retail design of your store.

Your displays should be colorful, seasonally appropriate, interesting and use different props to make your point. You can probably get help from different companies that you deal with in your business as many product manufacturers employ visual merchandisers who can come and do displays for you in store.

Shelving is another important consideration in retail design. You should place your best selling items and higher cost items at eye level, which is a hot spot. Some companies may even give you better deals on product buys if you promise them key position on the shelf. Bigger products in the same product line should be placed to the left and the smaller size to the right. The reasoning behind this is that people read left to right and look naturally to their left first.

Your shelves should be placed with just enough space above the products to reach them comfortably, there should not be a lot of empty space between shelves. You should also ensure that your shelves are well stocked. If you have plenty of stock on hand you create confidence in the product and create more of a visual impact.

You should place a lot of emphasis on keeping your store clean. Shelves that are full of dust will never inspire someone to purchase something from you. All products and shelving should be in perfect condition. Faded products are better disposed of than staying the shelf. They cheapen the image of a business and it is worth losing the money you paid for the product than giving customers a bad impression of your stock, products and services.

When planning your retail design make sure there is a flow to the layout and that bulk items, quick sellers and high priced items are in hot spots around the shop. The front of the shop as customers walk in the door is the hottest spot of all.

With a little thought and consideration put into your retail design you can easily maximize your sales and achieve higher turnover of stock which leads to more profit and a more successful business.

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