Themed Restaurant Interior Design: Unique Ideas & Concepts
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Themed Restaurant Interior Design – Elegance Meets Class

Themed Restaurant Interior Design – Elegance Meets Class


One of the most important things in life is food. Themed restaurants offer a unique atmosphere and place where one can dine, wine and make contact with friends.

Unique themed restaurants are found in history-rich places such as almost-forgotten chapels, old hospitals, and grand mansions. One of the outstanding features of themed restaurants is their privacy and exclusiveness; they are located away from the towns and main roads. This element places them as high-societal places, where visitors should stick to the set dress codes to complement the unique décor and better enjoy the priceless serenity of the surrounding. Themed restaurants allow diners to enjoy the taste of their favorite meals in the unique and unreal world, where you enjoy stunningly-pattered food and black-suited service.

Themed Restaurant Interior Design

Themed Restaurant on a Hill

One of these famed restaurants is situated on a hill in a spacious garden that has luxurious greenery that offers unique and natural surrounding for guests to walk around and interact with other diners. The exclusiveness and private setting of the place creates a fantasy world that takes people back to the period of sumptuous romance and twinkling dreams. The lighted white walls set a superb background that lights up moods, while the European-style fountains and wide staircases brings about the beauty of the olden times and sense of royalty. The restaurant interior design is complimented by black beams and high ceilings coupled with red velvet armchairs offer decent environment that confuses the diners whether they are enjoying the foods or the ambiance of the place. The pristine are lighted by crystal chandeliers with white covered tables that have impeccable white plates, sparkling wine glasses and silver cutlery that offers a silent invitation to the diners to take their seats.

Guests can also dine in the green grass at night as they enjoy dinner under the stars during the cool nights. This provides a romantic and once-in-a-lifetime experience. The brown, comfy chair with small tables for bar bites and drinks enhance the mood in a relaxing manner. Diners are also treated with occasional string foursome, playing soft heavenly pieces of relaxing music which create a loving and romantic mood.

The Old Chapel Restaurant Interior Design

Another incredibly unique restaurant is situated within an old chapel where it is stunningly restored to its former magnificence nature using high ceilings, glass-stained windows, and whitewashed walls. The restaurant interior design is enhanced with unsophisticated flooring, minimalist table setting, and coupled with round wooden tables. All these elements make this restaurant have class and identity. The unsophisticated colors of white and brown for its cushions and furniture, as well as small trees protruding in between the tables, make these restaurants a dream destination for dinners and guest hosting.

The stunning restaurant interior design complements the Art Deco of the building; creating elegant and high-class appeal of 1930s Shanghai. The restaurant glamor is complemented by hanging ball lamps, a black-framed door that is almost unnoticeable, and rounded off with signature gold décor that adds a sophisticated feel that gives dinners a buzzing excitement and modern feel. The dining room is conveniently situated in the corner of the premises, and the dim lights add to its privacy. It provides a touch of private class to dinners which have the privilege of dining under the thoughtfully decorated room.

The tasty, delicious meals, as well as exquisite décor and stellar services, creates a memorable dining experience to the guests who visits themed restaurants. These restaurants have gained massive following thanks to the unique dining experience they offer.


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