Thoughtful Interior Design Concept Promotes More Humanity
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Small Thoughts In Interior Design Concept Promotes Humanity

Small Thoughts In Interior Design Concept Promotes Humanity

Five years ago, Innovation Workshop had received an invitation from the High Commission of India to redesign their passport and visa application hall. We were very happy to accept their interior design project. They were very satisfied with our interior design concept and workmanship. As such, we had been awarded with another project to come up with an outdoor landscape exterior design.

Recently, the High Commission of India approached us again to come up with the design for their navigational signage. This was part of their efforts to provide better customer service experience to the public. They wanted the signage to be simple and yet blend in well with their building’s rich cultural interior design concept.

After a few days, our interior designers had presented them with the signage design concepts. They were very happy with our designs and had accepted the concepts.

In terms of the interior design concept, we made some changes to the existing lighting. Stainless steel handrails were constructed around the vicinity of the building to assist the elderly and children. Covered shelters had also been added.

Although all these interior design changes might seem minor, but undisputedly, it has promoted so much of humanity. We sincerely hope that more people will be able to benefit from all these minor yet thoughtful interior design concepts.

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