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Transforming The Office With Superb Office Design Elements

Transforming The Office With Superb Office Design Elements

This is a case study of a three-storey office design and renovation. We have to come up with a Professional, Modern, Bright, Spacious design theme. See how we transform this office within a month’s time from scratch.

Owner approach us for his three-storey office design and renovation;

This is a multi-national company. The owner approached us for design consultancy for his office. He wishes to have both the conference room and working office on the first storey. For the second and third storey, there shall be 12 rooms for the company’s directors, and some rooms for multi-purposes.

He was very frank with us that, he is out of town frequently for his business trips. Therefore, he hopes that we will be able to provide him with a 1-stop design and management services. We accepted his office project.

The Owner is happy with the overall office design except for the color;

After a week, we have come up with a design concept. He was satisfied with the design except part of the color themes. We took a few days to present him with the changes made again. He was very satisfied with the new design concepts.

Choice of materials and office design elements proposed;

We had also presented him with the choice of materials; like some of colors selection for the walls, window panels, types of wood for the furniture, and selection of lightings. All these design elements are very important for creating a professional and bright office ambiance.

3D drawings presented to the owner;


Today, hand-drawn design drawings are losing its appeal. Our designers had utilized 3D drawings for this project. With the ultra realistic 3D drawings, the owner is able to visualize the artist impression of his proposed office design.

Our client has accepted the design proposal. We then begin with the discussion for the design and renovation costs.

The renovation costs exceeded our client’s budget;

A problem arises. We have exceeded his renovation budget. We had another discussion with the owner. After the discussion, we decided to make another change for the design. In our initial design concepts, we have used many glasses to create a bright and spacious ambiance. Now, with the reduced budget, how can we still maintain the similar ambiance with a lower cost? This is a big test for our designers.

We had revised the office design drawing again;

After another week, we presented him a new design concept. Not only it maintains the Professional, Modern, Bright and Spacious office design theme, the cost of the renovation has also greatly reduced, and it has fall within the owner’s budget. When the owner is happy, so are we!

We have very little time for the office renovation;

When we are about to commerce with the office renovation, the owner told us that we only have 1-month time. He needs to move into the new office by then. That posted another challenge for us for a three-storey office. Worst, there was a huge hanging scale on the first storey. Nevertheless, our teams are well prepared. We have presented the renovation work schedule to the owner.

Our site coordinator and designers had work together seamlessly. Everything was well organized and smooth. We have submitted relevant documents to the building management and government authorities. The work scheduling time was very well planned.

Finally, we are ready to handover the office;

At last, we have completed the three-storey office renovation. The owner has also move into the new office happily. He then invited our site coordinator and designers for the celebration at the new office.

From a vacant premise, we have successfully transformed the office that fulfilled the Professional, Modern, Bright and Spacious office design theme. We have once again done it!

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