Professional Interior Designer: When Do I Need for My Shop?
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Do You Know If You Need A Professional Interior Designer?

Do You Know If You Need A Professional Interior Designer?

Recently, I received many inquiry calls pertaining to the opening of a retail shop in shopping mall. How can you get approval from the management smoothly? As a professional interior design firm, how can we help them? These are some questions commonly asked.

Some retail shop owner might be required to have their shop redesign earlier, as the shopping mall management is dissatisfied with their existing interior design. Mall managements worry that shops with outdated designs would affect the overall image of the shopping mall. These shop owners are often under great pressure by the management to come up with a new retail design in order to continue their lease term.

These customers often tell us that they wanted a unique design for their store. Nevertheless, many designs from interior design firms lack the uniqueness, and are often not accepted by the shopping mall management.

Customers often tell us that they had learn from other customers of our professional interior designer. Innovation Workshop has done many commercial projects for retail shops. Usually, our 3D design drawings are accepted by the managements. From our previous projects, they also felt that our designs are unique and contemporary. Thus, they wanted us to provide the same for them.

Indeed, we had vast experiences in contemporary interior design for retail shop. From fashion, shoes, telecom, sport rims, eateries, bar, restaurants, car showrooms are some of the trades that we had done.

Through our designs, they are able to raise the standard of their retail shop and provide their customers with better service and shopping experiences. Most importantly, we improved their bottom-line. We wish to help more retail shop owners with their professional interior design needs.

Here are some of the problems that shop owners faced, when they open outlets in shopping malls.

Q: If I wish to open a retail store in the shopping mall, what should I do first?

After confirming the lease and retail space, you have to engage a professional interior designer to come up with the design drawings to submit to the management for approval. The store design is extremely important. That is why you have to communicate with your designer.

Q: What do I need to communicate in order for the designer come up with a design that suits me?

Here are some questions that you may be asked by your designer:

  1. Which trade are you in?
  2. What kind of ambience do you wish to provide to your customers?
  3. What is the age ranges of your customers?
  4. What is your corporate color?
  5. Which age group are your primary customers?

With the above questions, you should be able to have a great design theme for your retail store. With our ideal interior design, you can have a relax, professional and contemporary ambience that you can provide to your valuable customers. More importantly, it brings out the professional image for your company!

Q: What should I do if the shopping mall managements have many objections with my retail designs?

You should let your interior designer communicate with the management directly until the design has been approval.

Q: I do not wish to overspend on interior design. By engaging a professional interior designer, will my renovation cost go beyond my budget?

Design should not add more to your renovation costs. For an experienced designer, they can use simple materials to create unique designs and help reduce your cost. Communication between you and the designer are important.

You should also listen to your designer’s suggestion and work hand in hand to come up with a design that is contemporary, unique while keeping renovation costs within your budget.

Q: Can a professional interior designer really help improve my business? I always thought that spending on design and renovation is a waste of money.

More and more companies are emphasizing their company image and packaging. We have a customer who opens a telecom retail shop for more than ten years and the store was old. After the face-lift, she was surprised that her business had gone up by 20% – 30%. She then realizes that a good corporate image is extremely important.

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