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Why Is Retail Design Important For Your Business

Why Is Retail Design Important For Your Business

Retail design plays a very important role in creating better retail shop image, raising product value and as well as attracts more customers. Find out how interior designer can help you in this aspect.

In Singapore, huge numbers of retail shops are situated in shopping mall or commercial building. Normally, the building management may request the shop owners to have their retail shop redesign upon the expiry of the lease.

If the building management feels that the retail design is very old, they will insist for the change. It is during this moment that the retail shop owners had to crack their head for the retail design.

Once, we had a customer who was operating a computer retail shop. Just when they about to renew their shop lease, the building management requested them to engage a professional interior designer for their retail design as they felt that the shop interior was without any design and was too plain. This way, the retail shop design will be able to match with the building image thus raising the value of their products.

The retail shop owner came to know us. He told us that he do not really know what the management wants as they had already presented two design drawings for their approval,  but the management always felt that the retail design was not good enough.

The retail shop owner felt that we were very experience in retail design and had approached us for the design. They were also concern whether can we apply to the building management for the approval and they wanted it to be done fast.

We told him, of course! We had done many retail designs and we have dealt with various building management. In addition, we understand their requirements very well. Normally, we will be able to obtain the approval for the design within first or at most on the second instances.

” Wah, that is fast. No wonder my friend had recommended you” they said. Their friend told them that our design fees were reasonable and we were able to present the design drawings fast. More importantly, we were able to obtain the approval from the management fast. “Looks like you have the substance!” they said. “Of course, this is our profession!” we replied.

We accepted the project and became their design consultant. After a week, the design concepts were ready for submission to the building management. As the management approved the retail design swiftly, our customers were very happy.

In addition, they wanted us to provide them with a one-stop services that include the renovation and project management. They felt that we drew the retail design and they will be more comfortable if we handle the whole project.

We had another customer who owns a few boutique retail outlets. He would award us with the project whenever he opens a new outlet. As we were very familiar with his retail design concepts, we were able to obtain fast approval from the building management for his boutique design.

I personally love to shop and usually, what attracts me to the shop is mostly due to the feeling of the retail design. Although there are some shops which renovated, but they failed to attract people. Either the lightings were too dark, or they were too contrasting. Colors of the furniture and wall were not blended well.

The location of the retail display shelves is also very important.

All this things might seem trivial, but when used correctly, it can change the overall ambiance of the retail shop. All these elements are very important part of the retail design.

Usually, for the design to be approved, the building management looks at the entrance, counter area, and the planning for shop layout. Some management even requires the work schedule. We are very familiar on the application procedure.

We hope that more retail shop will be able to use interior design to help them raise their product value and as well as attracting more customers. This way, their business can be taken to a new level.

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